Wednesday, October 26, 2005

On W.B

You hav’ risen
From the depths of poetic genius,
Far on th’ horizon,
Prophesizing yourself jesus.

Marrying the two Hs,
Into a placeless divinity
Creating fearful symmetry
On the world’s outer breaches.

The true man is imagination,
the prerequisite to perfect creation.

Monday, October 24, 2005

From a Friend

What is a blank space in a blank world?
What is a blank space in a blank word?
Do lines break or do you need to break lines?
Lets just put this as a blank line...

Sachin B.

note on 'Blogging in the Morning'

................... is standing in for blank space.
Blogger does not seem to appreciate line breaks.

Blogging in the Morning

The light grey, thin little laptop is switched on,
the screen a shape all light in the dark room.
The would be pianist is playing on his keyboard,
trying to make sounds, harmonious sound,
instead of the monotonous tap, tip,
tap of the keys on the board.

..................................................I, the pianist
isn’t quite there. The sound has not yet been created.
Rhythm not quite achieved yet. No
intensity, no flood of imagery, just the drip,
drip of the tip,tap, tip of the drop
by drop rhythm and imagery of the laptop

From an other's Tongue

the tongue, representing both a poet's personal gift of utterance and the common resources of language itself, has been granted the right to govern.

Seamus Heaney.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Mise en Poème


Etre poète, c'est savoir laisser
la parole. La laisser parler toute seule.
Ce qu'elle ne peut faire que dans l'écrit. J.D

To be a poet is to
abandon the tongue.
Abandoning it so that it
may speak by itself, which
it can only manage in writing. T.S

Mise en Poème


Rather than starting to write,
I should have wanted to be shrouded in the writing,
and carried by it beyond any possible beginning.
I should have liked to realise that the moment I began to write,

a nameless writing had always already preceeded me.

Mise en Poème


In the poem that I must write today -
and in those that I must write here,
in this very space, for many years to come maybe -
I would have liked to have plunged surreptitiously.
But I will renounce to do so, for I am already in the text,
immersed in it. There is no escape from it,
there is no outside-of-the-text.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Just starting

I will go on,
but first I will have to begin,
but then I shall have to end.
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