Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I could go on,
but first, I would have to begin.
But then, I would have to end.

He, having begun,
must go on.
To His end.

You have begun:
but must you go on,
or end, now, abruptly?

No. Do not leave.
You and I have just met
through the infinite difference
of eternal repetition.

I am He’s orphan.
I belong to no one
but you;
to They who have become

Do not worry about my sex.
I am the result of what He
has made me –

Only you can leave,
I cannot.
Leave me now
To another
To disappear


Rappaccini's Daughter said...

This is beautiful Tomas.
I see it as a splinter of "He and I."
A lyric exploration of of identity and (in)dependence.

Write more and quote less my friend.;-)

Tomas Sidoli said...

I'll try!

I am a bit slow in writing, so the quotations will probably still have their place here!

But thank you for the kind comment.

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